Our mission is collaborating towards a stronger industry.

How do we do this?

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the aerospace manufacturing industry, we have developed deep knowledge of the inner workings of supply chain management. Our network and reputation in the industry are well-established. We understand the challenges buyers and sellers face and have developed MoovinV to help them do business together more efficiently.

Jacques Ouellet

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder

Denis Parisien

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Francois Desrochers

Director for Business Development (DBD)


MoovinV was founded by industry experts with more than 60 years of combined experience in aerospace supply chain management. The MoovinV vision has become a reality thanks to the founders’ profound desire to resolve supply chain challenges.


MoovinV efficiently connects buyers and sellers of aerospace materials. Thanks to its strong network of manufacturers and sellers, MoovinV lists a wide range of aerospace materials available for sale. MoovinV streamlines the procurement and sales processes to provide a simple, efficient and secure customer experience.


MoovinV is an innovative solution that uses technology to strengthen collaboration between the industry’s clusters. It helps maximize their profitability whilst reducing their ecological footprint.