Privacy Policy – MoovinV
  1. Introduction
    MOOVINV valorizes and respects confidentiality rights of their customers,
    employees, and all those who resort to our services. The present statement

    of confidentiality enunciates the way MOOVINV collects, uses, shares,
    conserves and protects personal information. It also enunciates the choices
    you can make regarding your personal information.

    All the employees of MOOVINV have the responsibility of following the statement
    of Declaration of Confidentiality. We are referring you to the section « Contact
    us » for more information.

  2. Information we are collecting
    Whenever you are visiting our site, MOOVINV offers you the possibility to
    adhere to our service as a seller and/or as a buyer, without any obligation
    to do so. To adhere, you will be asked to provide certain information
    collected through forms and the interactivity established between you and our web site. We are using your following information.
    • Name of the business
    • Accreditation source
    • Last and first name of the seller / buyer
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Shipping / billing address
    • Phone / fax number
    • Bank transfer number

    To ensure the transactional quality and security of the service, MOOVINV can
    resort to information coming from third parties in order to validate the

    information shared to MOOVINV. For example, to adhere to a seller profile,

    MOOVINV will need to validate your accreditation with sources such as the

    OASIS database.

  3. Forms and interactivity
    Your personal information is collected via forms, to know:


    • Website’s registration form
    • Seller profile form
    • Order form

    MOOVINV utilizes collected information for the following purposes:

    • Follow-up of the order
    • Information
    • Statistics
    • Contact
    • Website management (presentation, organisation)
    • Validation of an active certification (seller profile)

    Your information is also collected via the interactivity that can be established between you and our website. This can be done by the followings:

    • Statistics
    • Contact
    • Forum or discussion area
    • Comments
    • Correspondence
  4. Right of opposition and releasement
    MOOVINV commits to offer you a right of opposition and releasement concerning your personal information.

    The opposition right is the offered possibility for netizens to refuse that their personal information being used for certain purposes mentioned through the collect.

    The right to release is offered as a possibility for netizens to request that their personal information will not appear anymore, for example, in a broadcast list. To apply these rights, you can communicate with MOONVINV via:


    9359-5544 Québec inc.
    166 Rue Cowie, Bureau 101
    Granby (Québec) J2G 3V3
    phone: 1 514-320-0183
  5. Access permission
    MOOVINV commits to recognize an access permission and rectification to the people concerned desiring to consult, modify, or delete information concerning them. The application of this right will be done via:


    9359-5544 Québec inc.
    166 Rue Cowie, Bureau 101
    Granby (Québec) J2G 3V3
    phone: 1 514-320-0183
  6. Security
    Personal information collected are conserved in a secured environment. The employees at MOOVINV are entrusted to respect the confidentiality of your information.

    To ensure the security of your personal information, MOOVINV has recourse to the following measures:


    • Host by Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center of Canada, Montreal
    • EV SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)
    • CND (Conten delivery network)
    • SET protocol (Secure Electronic Transaction)
    • Access management – authorized person
    • Access management – concerned person
    • Backup
    • Login / password
    • Firewalls

    MOOVINV promises to maintain a high confidentiality level for the activities executed of its website. However, as no other mechanism offers maximal security, there is always a risk when using the Internet to share personal information.

  7. Label
    MOOVINV commits itself in protection of personal information
  8. Legislation
    MOOVINV promises to respect the legislative dispositions stated in:

    Law on the personal information protection and electronic documents act

  9. Your profile and correction of personal information
    MOOVINV has put in place adequate politics management and technological processes having as objective to protect personal information.

    In order to protect your private life and for your security, MOOVINV will take all reasonable measures to verify your identity before disclosing or modifying the information of the applicant.

    If you are a member of MOOVINV’s website and you wish for a revision, an update or delete your profile, click on the login link at the top of the screen. Your profile page will allow you to access the personal information you transmitted to MOOVINV. Subsequently, you will be able to modify it.

    If you do not have access to your personal information, you can contact us via:


    9359-5544 Québec inc.
    166 Rue Cowie, Bureau 101
    Granby (Québec) J2G 3V3
    phone: 1 514-320-0183
  10. Disclosure to third parties
    MOOVINV will not sell, trade and transfer your personal information to third parties. This does not include third parties allowing the exploitation of the website or integrating our operations, as long as these are suitable to keep your confidential information.

    MOOVINV considers that it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent or take measures regarding illegal activities, alleged fraud, situations involving potential threats to anyone’s physical security, violations of our conditions of use, or when the law constraints us.

  11. Protection of information
    MOOVINV implemented a variety of security measures in order to preserve the security of personal information. We are using encryption keys to protect important information transmitted online. We also protect your offline information. Only the employees performing a specific task (for example, billing or customer service) have access to identifiable personal information. The computers and servers used to stock identifiable personal information are kept in a secured environment.
  12. Hyperlinks to other sites
    MOOVINV can contain hyperlinks taking you to other sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube for your convenience and information.

    MOOVINV has no control over third parties websites and the procedures followed regarding confidentiality.

    MOOVINV does not represent nor endorse any representation regarding them.

    MOOVINV recommends to review confidentiality politics of every site before transmitting confidential information.

  13. Changes to this declaration of privacy policy
    If MOOVINV performs changes to this Declaration of privacy policy, MOOVINV will display the totality of the reviewed declaration at
  14. Contact us
    MOOVINV dedicates a lot of importance to your opinions, comments and ideas. If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding our confidentiality, contact us via:


    9359-5544 Québec inc.
    166 Rue Cowie, Bureau 101
    Granby (Québec) J2G 3V3
    phone: 1 514-320-0183